1919 Peugeot Gents Cycle with 1923 la Cyclette engine

1923 la Cyclette on 1919 Peugeot Frame

I do a lot of exchanges with other collectors, and I swapped this la Cyclette and the spare engine attachment kit, for a couple of obscure machines I fancied, in March 2008. This article on the la Cyclette first appeared on one of my vintage motorycle magazine websites and I’ve included it here for reference.


This is a 1923 la Cyclette, a French engine attachment fitted to a 1919 Peugeot cycle.


It was restored by a friend in France.


It is so rare that I haven’t found any information about it on the internet.



I do like the famous ‘Lion of Peugeot,’ which is generally to be found somewhere on old Peuegot machines.


I visited the VMCC library on my way back from the VMCC Founders Day autojumble (2007) to do some research, but I couldn’t find anything about la Cyclette there either. Beaulieu Autojumble did not turn up anything either.

However, by a remarkable co-incidence, I bought a 1950’s French cyclemotor magazine. When I got back home, it had arrived in the post and I opened it …what should I find inside, in a historic review of French moteurs auxiliaires, but an advert for la Cyclette!





You could have knocked me over with a feather when I discovered another la Cyclette for sale!
Of course, I bought it – because it has the correct petrol tank. And it will be useful for spares.


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